Meet Me At Villa Villekulla

Pascale Guillou is a French-born illustrator living in The Netherlands. Her work ranges from pure line drawing to more complex illustrations and portraits that she is regularly asked to reproduce on walls or windows.

The illustration Pascale created for Kalopsia is a one-line drawing expressing the feeling of contemplating on whether or not to take the trip to find the Pippi in yourself. Pippi stands for courage, fearlessness and assertiveness., the artist name of Charlotte Helmer, is an allusion to her fascination for paper. Not only because of the beauty and pureness of the material, but also because of the challenge of cutting a fragile 3D object out of a thin sheet of paper. Charlotte creates amazing miniature worlds from her paper cuts ranging from paper architecture, pop-up designs to (imaginary) bugs.

The paper house Charlotte created for this Kalopsia window is a close-to exact replica of the Villa Villekula, as we know it from the Pippi Langstokking stories and film. The creation of such a paper pop-up architecture requires long hours of preparation to reach a thin yet solid construction.